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Web And Mobile Engine (W@ME)

Web And Mobile Engine

Get to know W@ME:

  • W@ME (WAME spoken) is the short form of "Web And Mobile Engine".
  • It is a Framework, to create Websites, Blogs or Apps.
  • With the powerful and flexible functions you have countless possibilities.
  • Be creative and let the software do the rest.

minimum requirements:

You want to see W@ME in action?

You already do, because this site uses W@ME.


W@ME consists of various modules that can be combined with each other.


  • full solution for big projects
  • mixed PHP/HTML5/JavaScript based


  • solution for apps
  • HTML5/JavaScript based
  • can use W@ME.API extension


  • JSON Data Interface
  • PHP based
  • extension for W@ME.JS